Eagle Grove's LOCAL
Classic Hits
Radio Station!

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Get Ready for the future of radio!

The Eagle is your no static LOCAL Eagle Grove radio station, playing everyone's favorite classic rock, classic country and oldies, with local news and sports coverage streaming to you 24/7, with today's technology for a cleaner, greener future! Tune in using practically any connected device, and listen just about anywhere. And don't worry about range, you can listen anywhere in the country!

And we mean just about ANYWHERE!

In town? Check! In the countryside? Check! Running errands to another town? Check! On a road trip around the country? Check! Seriously, just about ANYWHERE in the United States, and even in Canada, or the UK! Wherever your choice of device can connect to the web! All without ever having to change the channel.

Listen however and  wherever you like!

Listen on your smart speaker!
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Listen on your smart watch!
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Listen in your connected car!
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Listen while docked!
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Listen by the pool!
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Listen with earbuds!
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Listen with headphones!
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Listen on your Smart TV!
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Listen while hiking!
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Listen while you wait!
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Listen while you do laundry!
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Share with a friend!
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Listen on a walk!
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Listen while out shopping!
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Listen at work!
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